In a significant development, Antigua and Barbuda recently strengthened their collaboration with China through the signing of multiple cooperation agreements. Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Premier Li Qiang formalized these agreements, focusing on enhancing the development of Antigua and Barbuda. Key agreements include support for the healthcare system and the Water Rehabilitation Project, furthering the country’s growth. Of particular interest to potential investors eyeing Antigua’s Citizenship by Investment program is the mutual visa exemption agreement signed between both nations.

The mutual visa exemption agreement holds promise for foreign investors, potentially elevating Antigua’s passport power and attractiveness by enabling visa-free access between China and Antigua and Barbuda. While the agreements have been signed, details about the commencement date and validity period of the visa-free access are yet to be confirmed.

This move aligns Antigua and Barbuda with other Caribbean nations like Grenada and Dominica, already benefitting from visa-waiver agreements with China, contributing to their appeal for foreign investors. Antigua’s passport, already robust with visa-free access to 161 countries and territories worldwide, represents a considerable asset for prospective investors. Residency Global’s Unique Passport Ranking data, which considers factors beyond simple destination counts, emphasizes the enhanced global travel access provided by Antigua’s passport.

Considering China’s prominence as a global destination and its substantial economic size, the additional access not only expands Antigua’s visa-free destinations to 162 but also strengthens GDP access to 60.3% and travel popularity to 75.9%. This increase positions Antigua and Barbuda’s Citizenship by Investment program as an attractive choice for investors seeking expanded travel and business opportunities, particularly with China.

As developments unfold, Residency Global remains vigilant and will provide further updates, amplifying the excitement surrounding this collaboration.

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