Sonal 1

Sonal Goritiyal

Having overcome residency challenges in Portugal, Sonal now aspires to help others navigate the process. With academic credentials from England and professional experience in the Netherlands, she established a consultancy for those planning migration to Portugal. Driven by a strong desire to assist others in overcoming the challenges of relocation, she teamed up with Frank Pira to launch Residency Global. This partnership not only strengthened their relocation assistance services in Portugal but also expanded their reach globally.

Frank Pira

With a wealth of experience in real estate investment, software development, and blockchain technologies, Frank is a seasoned entrepreneur known for his success in building prosperous businesses through creative and innovative approaches. Despite facing various challenges while semi-retiring and moving to Portugal, he identified a business opportunity and subsequently established Residency Global. This venture is committed to assisting individuals and families with their journey to financial and lifestyle freedom.