Greece Golden Visa Overview:

Discover the allure of the Greek Golden Visa program, inaugurated in July 2013, offering a five-year residency visa in exchange for a real estate investment. With no minimum stay requirement and inclusion of children up to the age of 21 in the family application, this program provides flexibility and ease. The visa, granted for five years and renewable, allows property investment retention without the necessity of living in the country. While citizenship requires seven years of residency, Greece’s Golden Visa stands out for its efficiency and convenience.

Greece Golden Visa Benefits:

As one of the most cost-effective Golden Visa programs in Europe, Greece’s program boasts rapid processing, low government and renewal fees, and the opportunity to own Greek real estate, diversifying your assets. Holders enjoy visa-free travel within the EU Schengen zone, making it an attractive option for those seeking European residency.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Greece:

Greece’s Golden Visa program offers permanent residency from the start, requiring renewal every five years by retaining the property investment. While citizenship is technically attainable after seven years, fluency in Greek poses a challenge for many applicants. For those considering potential European citizenship, alternative options like the Portugal Golden Visa program may offer a more flexible route.

How Much Does a Greece Golden Visa Cost?

A relatively straightforward process follows a real estate investment of €250,000, making the Greece Golden Visa accessible. Note that, from May 2023, the real estate requirement may increase to €500,000 in certain Municipalities. Government, notary, and legal fees, along with VAT on the property purchase, amount to around €15,000.

Greece Golden Visa Requirements:

Apart from the real estate investment, applicants must meet specific requirements, including a clean criminal record, sufficient funds and healthcare coverage, and no previous Schengen visa refusals. The program is open to non-EU residents, offering full family residency with no minimum stay requirement, no interview, and no language test.

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