Turkey Citizenship by Investment Programme Overview:

Turkey, strategically positioned at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and Africa, beckons investors with its Citizenship by Investment Programme launched in 2016. Formerly inspired by the success of golden visa programs in Europe, the Turkish Golden Visa program offers residency, citizenship, and a Turkish passport to those investing in real estate. Positioned as one of the most cost-effective citizenship by investment programs, with a minimum property investment of $400,000 plus fees, it’s an ideal choice for families seeking both residency and business opportunities.

How to Obtain Citizenship in Turkey through Investment:

The real estate route in Turkey, requiring a minimum property purchase of $400,000 plus fees, stands out as an attractive avenue for investors. This pathway positions Turkey as one of the most affordable options in the citizenship by investment landscape.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment:

Investors reap substantial benefits with Turkish citizenship, allowing them to live, work, and study in the country. The Turkish passport facilitates travel to 125 countries and territories worldwide, encompassing 24% of the world’s GDP and 37% of popular travel destinations. As a Turkish citizen, securing a Schengen visa for European travel is streamlined, and there is no minimum stay requirement. Additionally, Turkey holds an E2 Visa Treaty Agreement with the US, enabling Turkish citizens to apply for a non-immigrant visa after residing in Turkey for three years.

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Requirements:

Prospective investors need to commit a minimum of $400,000 into Turkish real estate. The program extends to include the main applicant’s family, encompassing both spouse and dependent children. Stringent due diligence, including police reports, evidence of a clean criminal record, and various documentation, ensures that all applicants meet the Turkish government’s standards. Notably, there is no minimum stay requirement for citizenship renewal.

Turkish Passport and Visa-Free Travel:

A Turkish passport grants visa-free travel to 125 countries globally, and discussions are ongoing for potential visa-free access to the EU. Turkey’s global connections include an E-2 Visa treaty with the USA, offering the opportunity for Turkish citizens to apply for US residency after three years of residence in Turkey.

How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship by Investment:

1. Book Your Global Consultation: Schedule a free consultation with Residency Global’s team of experts to explore the best-suited programme and investment route for you and your family.

2. Background Check and Commitment: Conduct a pre-application background check with Residency Global to ensure the likelihood of a successful application. Upon satisfaction, formalize the process by signing the Client Facilitator agreement and paying the pre-application deposit.

3. Property Investment and Residence Permit: Consult with Residency Global to choose a property investment, whether remotely or by visiting Turkey. Secure a residence permit for all family members and open a Turkish bank account.

4. Application Submission and Citizenship: After completing the property investment, Residency Global will submit the application to the government with all required documents. Citizenship is typically issued within 3-4 months following a government review.

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