Hungary Residency Investment Overview:

Hungary’s Residency by Investment program, commonly known as the Hungarian Golden Visa, stands as an exceptional avenue to attain European residency. Offering a unique set of benefits, this program is renowned for its efficiency and affordability within the European Union. Notably, it permits investors to finalize real estate purchases only after the approval and issuance of their residency visa, distinguishing it from other EU programs.

Requirements for Hungary’s Golden Visa Program:

Eligibility for Hungary’s Golden Visa program comes with specific requirements. Understanding the associated costs, including a €30,000 Government Administrative Processing Fee, a €30,000 Application & Processing Fee, and a €500 fee for translation and notary costs, is crucial. Additionally, the primary applicant must invest in a property in Hungary with a minimum value of €140,000 within 90 days of obtaining the residence permit.

Hungary Citizenship by Investment:

The Hungary Golden Visa, offering a five-year residency permit, can be renewed for life and upgraded to permanent residency after five years of full-time residence in Hungary. While it does not lead directly to citizenship, Hungary provides a stable and efficient route for those seeking long-term residency in Europe.

Hungary Golden Visa Family Applications:

Applicants can include their spouse and children under 18 in Hungary’s Golden Visa program. For older children, inclusion is possible with proof of financial dependency, student status, and unmarried status. Parents aged 65 and over can also be included without proving dependency, with additional fees applicable for extra dependents.

Hungary Golden Visa Benefits:

The program boasts several benefits, including a swift route to European residency, lifelong renewal every five years, visa-free travel in the EU Schengen zone, no minimum stay requirements, no tax obligations for non-residents, and the freedom to reside in Hungary. Applications are typically approved within 4-8 weeks.

Residency Bond Investment in Hungary:

The previous Hungary Residency Bond program, closed in March 2017, offered residency through a €300,000 investment in government bonds. While providing a fast-track route to a five-year residence permit, it required capital return after five years with no additional return. Renewal after five years was possible at no extra cost, with citizenship application feasible after eight years, subject to strict conditions, including a language test.

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