The Spanish Golden Visa program, now facilitated by Residency Global, stands out as one of the most enticing options in Europe. Explore the numerous benefits that await you:

  • Invest €500,000 in Spanish real estate.
  • Unlock an exclusive opportunity for an up-front 10-year lease-back payment of €150,000, significantly reducing your overall investment to just €350,000. (*available for selected commercial opportunities)
  • Experience expedited processing within 60 days from submission.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of not being obligated to reside in Spain to maintain your residency visa.
  • Apply for Permanent Residency after five years (*residency required) and Citizenship after ten years (*residency required) with the support of Residency Global.
  • Extend these privileges to your full family, including your spouse, dependent children, and parents.
  • Benefit from low-cost application and processing fees facilitated by Residency Global.
  • Gain Schengen zone mobility, enhancing your travel options.
  • Avail the unique Two-Year Fast Track Citizenship option for Latin Americans and Filipinos (*residency required).

For those considering the Spanish Golden Visa Investment Option, certain developers offer a distinctive Real Estate Buy-back and Up-front Yield. Here’s why this option is advantageous:

  • Access an up-front 10-year lease-back payment of €150,000.
  • Secure a guaranteed buy-back after 10 years.
  • Utilize an early exit strategy if required, all hassle-free and fully managed on your behalf.
  • Benefit from a low transfer tax rate starting from 1.5%.
  • Witness a substantial reduction in your overall investment, effectively bringing it down to €350,000 + feesl.

Embark on a journey towards a new chapter in your life with Residency Global. Partner with us today and discover a seamless path to your Residency Relocation.